Shop Positions

Marnevic employs people in the following jobs

  • Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician (Mechanic)
    • We hire both “off road” technicians and “on road” technicians
    • CVIP mechanic is an asset
  • Apprentice Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Journeyman Automotive Technician
  • Apprentice Automotive Technician
  • Journeyman Welder
  • Apprentice Welder
  • Shop Laborer
  • Tire Person

The primary duty of all shop personnel is to facilitate the repair of trucks, tractors, trailers & equipment in support of our field activities. Most of the time, shop personnel are working on vehicles & equipment that are owned by Marnevic. Shop personnel are also expected to perform their duties in our yard or the field as required.

Training & Documentation

  • Appropriate trade certification
  • 1st Aid
  • CPR
  • H2S Alive
  • CSTS
  • Drivers Abstract (if operating Marnevic-owned vehicles)

Depending upon experience and other qualifications Marnevic may be willing to provide some of the required training after you are hired. These are the minimum requirements and additional training may also be required.

For more information please contact our shop foreman, Troy DeCiccio, between the hours of 7am – noon 1pm – 5pm by calling (780) 622-3909 or email [email protected]

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