Gravel Crusher Positions

Marnevic employs people in the following jobs

  • Gravel Crusher – Tower Operator
  • Gravel Crusher – Loader Operator
  • Gravel Crusher – Ground man

Personnel employed on the gravel crusher are responsible for the operations & maintenance of the crusher. Most of our crushing is done in Marnevic’s pits in the Fox Creek area. However, we occasionally do contract crushing for 3rd parties in their pits as well. Crushing positions are seasonal. We offer a bunkhouse for new employees to stay in and provide a pick-up for travelling to/from the job sites. We prefer to hire people with at least 5 years experience but will also train in the appropriate circumstances.

Training & Documentation

  • 1st Aid
  • CPR
  • Drivers Abstract (if operating Marnevic owned vehicles)

Depending upon experience and other qualifications Marnevic may be willing to provide some of the required training after you are hired. These are the minimum requirements and additional training may also be required.

For more information please contact our on call dispatcher between the hours of 6am – 7pm by calling (780) 622-3909 or email [email protected]

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