Environmental Consulting

Marnevic Construction offers quality, timely and professional environmental consulting services to clients in the commercial, industrial and upstream oil & gas sectors in Fox Creek and the surrounding region. Our APEGA Permit to Practice #14146 allows us to offer professional expertise and consulting on a variety of environmental project types.  

Working as Lead Environmental Geoscientist, Lydia Sharkey, B.Sc., P.Geo., has over 10 years of environmental consulting experience in the oil and gas industry in the Fox Creek area.  Her experience includes site assessment, spill response, contaminated site characterization and soil & groundwater monitoring programs for industrial facilities.  Marnevic Construction has a long history working in the industry and the region and supports the Geoscience Division with that knowledge and a wealth of equipment.



GIS mapping for various applications.
Disposition applications & management of sites for AER approval & onestop ROSC Submission.


Trained in inspections with the Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership
Management of crossings with GIS database & mapping

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Site assessments for commercial and industrial properties.

Remediation Services

Project management, including assessment of contaminated area, delineation, recommendation, confirmatory sampling, readily available equipment and experienced operators.

Industrial Monitoring Programs

Soil and groundwater monitoring for regulatory compliance.  Design, installation and abandonment of monitoring wells.

Contaminated Site Characterization and Conceptualization

Utilizing GIS for visual representation of site contaminant plumes to aid in understanding contaminant transport and planning remediation strategies.

Emergency Spill Response Sampling

Timely sampling to assess extent of impacts.  Confirmatory sampling after contaminated soil removal.

General Soil and Water Quality Assessment

Sampling of soil, surface water or groundwater and comparison to appropriate guidelines.

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