1956 - Victor DeCiccio bought his first cat (A D4) which he operated under his own name. In the early years he worked mostly in the logging industry.

1960 - was the year that Victor started working in Virginia Hills and marked his transition from the logging industry to the oilfield.

1965 - Victor bought his 2nd cat (another D4).

1967 - Victor and his family moved from Drayton Valley to Fox Creek.

1968 - Marnevic Construction Ltd. was incorporated and the company hired its’ first employee (Dick Pollard).

1969 - Marnevic built our first shop but the office work was still being done out of the family house.

1973 - Victor’s son, Neil DeCiccio, finishes schooling at NAIT and starts full time at Marnevic taking over the book keeping duties from Martha DeCiccio.

1975 - Marnevic purchased our first gravel crusher.

1976 - A building was purchased and attached to the shop to act as an office.

1981 - The first computer was purchased.

1982 - Construction began on a new shop & office building. This is the same building that we use today.

1993 - Marnevic’s 1st safety officer is hired. Brent Cadrain is promoted from equipment operator to fill the position.

2000 - Victor’s grandson, Todd DeCiccio, graduates from the University of Alberta and starts working full time at Marnevic.

2003 - Victor starts to think about retirement and promotes Todd to become the company’s 2nd president.

2005 - Victor retires and moves to St. Albert.

2006 - Victor’s grandson, Troy DeCiccio, takes over as shop foreman after working in the shop for many years and achieving both his automotive and heavy duty technician licenses.

2007 - Neil semi-retires from Marnevic (although he is still active with the company to this day).

2017 - Hired lead environmental geoscientist Lydia Sharkey, B.Sc., P.Geo., and began offering environmental consulting services.

2018 - Celebrated 50 years of success in our community.

2023 - Provide 12 pieces of equipment and 18 workers plus support staff to fight the Eagle Complex Fire and help protect Fox Creek.

2024 - Expanded into geomatics including grade control, GPS & mapping.

2024 - Neil fully retires and long-time employee Stacy Gomuwka takes over all accounting duties.

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