Community Involvement

As a truly local company since 1968, Marnevic takes special pride in our community. Our owners, managers and core employees all call Fox Creek “home” and share a vested interest in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community. We are proud of our past projects and are excited to continue contributing to the success of the Fox Creek community. Some of the projects and groups we contribute to include:

Marnevic Memorial Park

In memory of our founder Victor DeCiccio, Marnevic proudly donated a world class playground to the Town of Fox Creek. Our hearts filled with joy as the corporate community and individual citizens rallied around our project ensuring that the finished product exceeded all of our wildest expectations. The Calgary Playground Review called it “one of the most spectacular themed playgrounds” and it was also featured as one of Canada’s 150 coolest playgrounds .

Fox Creek Toboggan Hill

Marnevic built the local toboggan hill in the 1980s. The hill is still enjoyed by children and their families to this day. In fact, it is now used year-round for tobogganing in the winter and as part of the Terra Gravity Bike Park in the summer.

Fox Creek Curling Club

Marnevic has supported the Fox Creek Curling Club since it’s inception through initiatives like the purchase of “hack-to-hack” sheets, yearly advertising within the rink, donations of door prizes for various events, supporting the junior curling program and sponsoring teams to curl.

Fox Creek Trout Pond

We partnered with Trilogy Energy LP to build and install a new dock at the local trout pond.

Fox Creek School

Over the years, Marnevic has made significant contributions towards the construction of two different playgrounds at the Fox Creek School. We have also contributed to the Science Fair, the Playschool, Bookfair, many Graduating Classes and maintain a yearly scholarship.
Terra Gravity Bike Park
Jay Hoots
Marnevic Mini Moguls

Fox Creek Nordic & Trail Club

Marnevic proudly supplied material, equipment & operators for the construction of the Fox Creek Bike Park and trail system. We were very surprised at the grand opening when the club’s members unveiled the “Marnevic Mini Moguls” in honour of our contributions to their group.

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